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10 Foods Across the World that Are Worth Traveling For

Fugu Sashimi (Japan)
What is it: Raw pufferfish

Gujarati Thali (Gujarat, India)
What is it: Platter made of different dishes
Gujarati Thali

Kobe Beef (Hyogo Prefecture, Japan)
What is it: Premium quality beef that refers to a specific stratin (Tajima) of Wagyu (which is used to refer to four specific breeds of cattle in Japan)
Kobe Beef

Masala Dosa (India)
What is it: Stuffed dosa
Masala Dosa

Meze (Turkey)
What is it: Assortment of small dishes

Moussaka (Greece)
What is it: Similar to lasagna made with an eggplant or potato base, ground meat, and other ingredients

Nasi Lemak (Malaysia)
What is it: Rice cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaf
Nasi Lemak

Peking Duck (Beijing, China)
What is it: Roasted duck
Peking Duck

Sichuan Hotpot (Sichuan, China)
What is it: Spicy hotpot or stew made with various ingredients including Sichuan pepper
Sichuan Hotpot

Som Tum (Thailand)
What is it: Green papaya salad
Som Tum

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