Make Your Hiking Experience Perfect


Hiking has a lot of physical and mental benefits. It can decrease your chances of having heart disease, improve your balance, tone your hip and leg muscles, enhance your blood pressure levels and improve your blood sugar levels. It can also strengthen your core, help you control weight, and boost your bone density. Hiking is a fantastic and fulfilling activity. But only if you do it right. Here are the tips to make sure you get the best hiking experience:

Prepare Ahead


Write down every single thing you have to bring. List down all the necessary things first, the stuff you can’t live without, before including the ones you want to bring. Here are a few things you should include in your list:

  • Food and water – Light and heavy snacks plus a bottle or two of water are essential. You need the energy to survive the hike, you know!
  • Toiletries – Bring toiletries in small amounts only so that they won’t occupy an ample space in your backpack.
  • Nylon or polyester underwear – The dry quickly, making them ideal to bring.
  • Extra shirts – Depending on how long your hike is, you could bring two to four shirts made of cotton or wool.
  • Comfy pants – Comfort is everything, but make sure the pants are also sturdy enough. Bring pants that allow you to freely walk and move while keeping you warm too.
  • Socks – Wool socks that are taller than your hiking footwear are also essential. You wouldn’t want to be hiking with uncomfortable socks and footwear, would you?
  • Hiking footwear – Speaking of, your hiking boots should be comfortable and durable. Your shoes should keep your feet dry while protecting you from the roots, thorns, and rocks you’ll encounter.
  • Hat or cap – Bring one that fits you perfectly and makes you look good in photos.
  • Jacket – A rain jacket or an insulated one is a necessity especially if you’re expecting the weather to be a bit unfriendly.

After writing down all you need to bring, you can add the ones you want to bring such as a camera, a tablet, a book, a portable speaker, etc.

Bring the Right Tools

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Believe it or not, you should also take with you some handyman tools. You can ask the Hiking Lady what her favorite tool to bring is. Tools can be used for cutting fruits and other stuff. They can also be used to fix things. Screwdrivers, multi-tools, knives–these are just some of the tools that hikers have found necessary to bring. After all, you’ll never know what needs to be repaired or trimmed during your hike! These devices are portable anyway, so they won’t be difficult to bring.

Check the weather


Before leaving for your most-awaited hike, in fact, before even planning for it, check the weather. Layering is one of the most significant things in hiking. You should dress and prepare your clothes appropriately depending on how cold it’s going to be. Double check the conditions of the weather and be prepared if it turns out to be hotter or colder than they predicted. You should also consider taking with you some clothes that are readily insect repellant in case you have to go through a dark and brushy forest. Basically, be ready for anything.

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