Smart Eats: Healthy and Safe Eating for Foodies on the Road

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Eating is part of many travelers’ adventures. Every place has a distinct way of cooking or preparing their food. From traditional dishes to exotic fares, the cuisines of the world are teeming with interesting aromas and tastes. Whether you are traveling for business or in search of culinary adventures, the world is a vast place with plenty of wonderful food to discover. Here are smart ways to eat with health and safety in mind while on the road.


Understand the risks

People have different reactions to food. Some may even suffer from allergies. Know which types of food to avoid. If you are suffering from specific food-related allergy, take the time to read food descriptions on the menu. Ask servers about ingredients if you are unfamiliar with the selections of food available. When in doubt, stick to familiar dishes. Some travelers may be prone to diarrhea. While not life-threatening, diarrhea can affect your ability to do the things you want or need to do during your trip. To prevent diarrhea, avoid eating in places that do not observe proper food handling. Make sure the meat, poultry, and seafood you eat are well-cooked. Avoid raw fruits or vegetables that have been peeled or prepared under unhygienic conditions. Do not drink water from the tap. Stick to boiled or bottled water instead.


Eat with your health in mind

Food adventure and healthy eating can go hand in hand. The latter does not have to restrict you from exploring the culinary treats of the places you visit. You may even indulge in sinful treats if you want to. The trick is to keep indulgences in moderation. Keep your meals balanced and eat just the right portions to fuel and fill you up. For a healthy diet, pay more attention to the nutritional value of every food you eat. Always check or review your options before eating. Remove or at least limit processed food from your daily diet. Get the nutrients you need from whole grains, healthy fats, lean meats, plant-based proteins, fruits, and vegetables.


Hydrate regularly

Drink plenty of water all through the day. Always keep a bottle of water within easy reach, especially while traveling. It is easy to miss the early signs of dehydration or mistake them for something else. Fatigue, sleepiness, and headache are just some of the symptoms of mild dehydration. But they can also be easily attributed to the stress of traveling and work. Drink water instead of a cup of coffee or eating something sugary as pick-me-up when you feel unusually tired.

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